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Slopes for Android

Slopes has been a one-man app since 2013, and it has grown to be bigger than I could ever expected when I started it. I've worked hard over the years to make it a best-in-class native iOS app, but there is one "feature request" I'd always get: "When is Android coming?"

In fall of 2019 I hired an Android developer to make Android a reality for Slopes (and boy, they aren't cheap). I'm working with him to not just port Slopes as fast as we can, but rather making sure it feels as much at home on Android as the current iOS app does on that Apple's platform. Yep, that means a native app using Kotlin, Google's latest Material Design language, and other goodies.

This won't be just a "one UI fits all" quick port like so many other apps just trying to check off a box.

It's going to take a while, though. Even a bare-bones version 1.0 is a ton of work.

But we'll get there, and I'm excited.

So let your Android friends know! Hop on the mailing list below to keep in the loop.

— Curtis


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