Slopes x Strava

Track your day on the mountain with Slopes, then show it off on Strava.

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It’s All Automatic

Slopes detects lifts and runs automatically, no pausing for lifts required! Keep those gloves on and focus on pushing yourself and improving your technique.

When you’re done, Slopes will send your data for your winter achievements on Strava for your friends to see and cheer on. Stay motivated throughout the season as you challenge yourself to conquer your old PRs.


New for Feb 2020 -- Slopes now uploads your complete GPS track to Strava, givng you more performance tools and segment credit.

The Best Ski Tracking Experience

Try Slopes and you’ll see why it gets so many 5-star reviews.

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Slopes and Strava

Connecting Strava to Slopes

  1. Create a Slopes accountGo to the More tab in Slopes and then tap My Account.
  2. Link your Strava account to SlopesIn Slopes head into Account -> Strava.
  3. Record an activityIt will automatically get posted to your Strava feed.

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