Record then show off your days skiing and snowboarding.

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Current version: 1.4.4

What's new?

Interactive replays

Replay your runs in 3d (including speed heatmaps) right on your phone. It's an awesome new way to check out what your speeds and verticals looked like.

3D graph of a run, including heatmap, right on your iPhone Playback your runs

Activity maps

It's easy to see what trail you were on when you nailed that top speed, especially since Slopes rotates the maps so uphill is "up" like resorts do with their own trail maps.

Maps highlighted with the path of a run down the mountain

Live stats

You don’t have to wait until you’re home to check out your stats. Slopes has a today widget making your latest top speed just a swipe away.

Even better, live stats are also on your wrist if you have a Pebble smart watch.

Live stats on the mountain

Easy bragging sharing

Slopes creates a great recap image of each day, perfect for showing off to friends online. It’s designed so even your non-skiing friends will think what you did all day looks pretty sweet.

Share stats from your days skiing and snowboarding on Facebook and Twitter

Smart recording

Just hit record and put your phone in your pocket. Slopes automatically detects lifts and runs without you having to do anything.

And don't worry, Slopes is easy on the battery, so you can ride all day and Slopes will capture it all.

Slopes auto-detects lifts and runs

And a few more things...

5-star average

“Truely nails it [...] light years ahead of other attempts at recording runs.”footfun
“This is honestly one of the coolest apps I have seen in a long time.”/u/aikitim
“This is hands down the best ski/snowboard track recording app there is.”@stilldavid
“Slopes does everything well and does so with correct data, little battery consumption and beautiful, practical graphics! Slopes is worth every penny.”Jeroen
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