Going big doesn’t matter if you don’t know how big you went.

Record then show off your days skiing and snowboarding.

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Why do skiers and snowboarders love Slopes?

Smart recording

Just hit record. Slopes automatically detects lifts and runs without you having to do anything.

And don't worry, Slopes is easy on the battery, so you can ride all day and Slopes won't miss a thing.

Slopes auto-detects lifts and runs

Works everywhere

At your local resort, on an epic trip to another country, or deep in the backcountry hunting fresh powder far from cell reception; Slopes records everywhere might go.

Easy bragging sharing

Let the runners and cyclists keep their boring 2d top-down maps. Slopes builds an awesome 3d view of your day with stats that’s perfect for showing off to your buddies online.

Share stats from your days skiing and snowboarding on Facebook and Twitter

Live stats

Don’t wait until you’re home to check out your stats. Live stats are always easy to see using the Today View Widget, Pebble watch app, or the new Apple Watch app.

More about Slopes on Apple Watch Live stats on the mountain with Apple Watch

Oh, and a few more things...

Slopes Season Pass holders get even more

Run-by-run stat breakdowns, maps of their days, interactive 3d replays of their runs, and more.

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