Slopes and Your Data

I don't want to do anything creepy with your data. I charge users directly for Slopes Passes so I can avoid having to sell your data or do anything else questionable to make money and stay in business. I may use some of your data responsibly to improve Slopes, but that's it.

Let's unpack how I use and store your data:

A) Identifiable Data: If You Don't Have a Slopes Account

B) Identifiable Data: With a Slopes Account

What specifically do I store, and how?

At this point I'm giving you free online backup / sync, which does mean your recorded data is now on my servers.

What I do with your uploaded data?

I act responsibly with it. Beyond what is needed to run Slopes I will not share your data with third parties, unless you enable a third-party integration such as connecting your Slopes account to Strava. But at that point sharing your data with a third party was kinda the point, right?

I will never, ever, sell your data.

How is your data shared with third parties so I can run Slopes?

How is your data used inside Slopes?

What data is shared with people I friend in Slopes?

If at any point you'd like to remove all of your data from the Slopes servers you can do so in-app under Account -> Edit Account & Profile -> Delete.

C) Anonymous Data Captured in-app to Improve Slopes

Beyond your account, purchase, and activity data outlined above, there is some anonymous/pseudonymous usage data Slopes tracks in-app:

For more detailed information, you can visit the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.