Slopes and Your Data

I don't want to do anything creepy with your data. I charge users directly for Slopes Passes so I can avoid having to sell your data or do anything else questionable to make money and stay in business. I may use some of your data responsibly to improve Slopes, but that's it.

Let's unpack how I use and store your data:

A) Identifiable Data: If You Don't Have a Slopes Account

B) Identifiable Data: With a Slopes Account

What specifically do I store about your recordings, and how?

At this point I'm giving you free online backup / sync, which does mean your recorded data is now on my servers.

What data is shared with people you friend in Slopes?

What about the group location sharing feature?

I don't do anything with this location data, and access to it is limited. It does not leave the Slopes servers except to your friends in-app or via that link. My one exception to this rule is if ski patrol or a similar group reaches out to Slopes to help find a missing skier; if I can help save a life I will look up your last known location.

OK dude, you have my data, what do you do with it?

I act responsibly with it. Beyond what is needed to run Slopes I will not share your data with third parties, unless you enable a third-party integration such as connecting your Slopes account to Strava. But at that point sharing your data with a third party was kinda the point, right?

I will never, ever, sell your data.

How is your data shared with third parties so I can run Slopes?

How is your data used inside Slopes?

If at any point you'd like to remove all of your data from the Slopes servers you can do so in-app under Account -> Edit Account & Profile -> Delete.

C) Anonymous Data Captured in-app to Improve Slopes

Beyond your account, purchase, and activity data outlined above, there is some anonymous/pseudonymous usage data Slopes tracks in-app:

For more detailed information, you can visit the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.