Slopes +

Leave your phone in your pocket.

Checking live stats while skiing or snowboarding just got a lot easier.

The Complication

Breakdown of your day with time riding downhill vs time spent on lifts
Your day, at a glance

Add the Slopes complication to your watch face to quickly check recording status and how much vertical you've grabbed so far today (you'll need watchOS 3 installed for the complication to work).

The Watch App

Start, pause, and resume all on your wrist
Remote control

Forget to start Slopes before gearing up? Start recording right from your Apple Watch! Pause and resume are there too, so your iPhone can always stay nice and warm in your pocket.

Stats for top speed, vertical, and distance
Key stat summaries

Slopes on Apple Watch shows your daily totals along with mini run-by-run comparison graphs. Swipe to switch between top speed, vertical, and distance.

The Integrations you Crave...

Credit for workouts and calories burned
Fill those ringsNew

With iOS 10 + watchOS 3, you’ll get activity credit towards both your red and green rings after you save your day.

Hey Siri start Slopes Starting your workout in Slopes... Siri on iPhone and Apple Watch
Hands-free controlNew

Just raise your wrist and speak to start / pause / resume / and end your recording with Slopes.

Live stats on Apple Watch isn't the only part of what makes Slopes great

Interactive 3D replays, terrain maps, great battery life, fitness tracking, and more.

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