How to Import Your Trace Snow (also known as AlpineReplay) Activities to Slopes

Yep, you can do it!

Even though Trace Snow is no longer updated, you can still get your recordings out and preserve all your memories. Slopes is able to import recordings from other ski and snowboard apps like Trace Snow.

Don't worry, the days you import from Trace Snow get all of the features that makes Slopes great. So you won't miss out on the in-depth stat breakdowns, competing with your friends on the seasonal leaderboards, the detailed timeline view, or anything else.

Import your activities from Trace Snow to Slopes and have all your epic winters in one place!


Option A) From Trace Snow's Site

You'll need to use Trace Snow's web portal to do the export. Head to

Once there, change the dropdown to the day you'd like to export, then hit download. Save the file somewhere you'll remember.

Rinse and repeat that export process for all the days you'd like to migrate.

Option B) Bulk Exporting - Community Contributed Option

While Trace Snow doesn't have a bulk export option, if the words "python script" mean something to you, friend-of-the-app Kirby Turner wrote a tool you can use to download all your GPX files in one go. You can find the GitHub repo here:

Move the Files to Your Phone

Move these GPX files to your phone. Use your favorite file transfer service like Dropbox, on a Mac you can use AirDrop (if you have more than one file you can AirDrop them all at once) or iCloud Drive, with an Android use your SD card, or there is always the good old fashioned email it to yourself trick.

If you're using Slopes on iOS, Slopes does support iTunes File Sharing so you can bulk import these files and skip the manual importing.

Importing to Slopes

Open Slopes, head to the Logbook, and hit the + in the top right to start the import. Head to where you copied the files on your phone. Pick the file from Trace Snow that you would like to import. (On Android you can also long-press to select and import multiple files at the same time.)

If you emailed the files to yourself, or were using another third party app to move the files over, you'll either want to tap the attachment and find a way to open the file with Slopes, or save them off to your phone (like the downloads folder) and then import via the logbook.

And that's it! Slopes will read and import the days pretty quickly.

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