Slopes Premium

Grab Slopes Premium, enable a ton of powerful features.

Premium maps

Interactive recap maps of the lifts and runs you took. The map syncs up with the daily timeline, so you’ll see yourself move on the map as you scroll through your day.

Maps highlighted with the path of a run down the mountain

Daily timeline with lift names

Relive your runs in Slopes's daily timeline.

Get detailed statistics for each run and lift you took.

See the names and types of lifts you took (at supported resorts).

Interactive replays

Replay your runs on a virual 3D mountain right on your phone. It's an awesome new way to check out what your speeds and verticals looked like.

* This feature is not available on Android.

3D graph of a run, including heatmap, right on your iPhone

(More) Live stats

Itching to see more than just your daily totals while taking a quick break at the waffle shack?

Don't wait until you're home to see detailed runs stats. With your Pass, you'll get a live view of your estimated stats for every run.

Run-by-run breakdowns, right on the mountain.

Unlock Premium

You can unlock all these awesome features by buying an annual or a day pass in-app.

You can always try Slopes for free first, no account required.

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