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What's New - iOS

  1. v2018.24 - released 2018-12-09

    • Improved the Help & Support area with new UI from HelpScout. This will also help people send feedback when they don't use for email.
    • Fix a case where Slopes might prompt you to create an account when you were already logged in.
    • Fixed a case where 3D maps could get stuck loading.
    • Fixed text cutoff on an iPhone SE in the Slopes merch store.
  2. v2018.23 - released 2018-12-05

    • A new pass type: Household Annual Passes! I've gotten tons of emails every season asking for a way for families that ride together to all go in on Slopes Premium together and save some money. Similar to other apps introducing family plans, this Household Pass is a subscription that unlocks Slopes Premium for you and four other family members in the same house.
    • If you're currently an Annual Pass holder, you can upgrade to the Household Pass today, no need to wait for your existing Annual Pass to expire! Head to the purchase screen for Premium (More -> Premium Learn More -> Grab) to upgrade.
    • Slopes can now directly post share cards to your Instagram Story. Look for the Instagram Story icon in the list of share destinations!
    • New Slopes merchandise to help you stay warm, exclusive to the 2018/19 season.
    • Improved the process of moving to a new device: login information is now synced to iCloud Keychain if you have that enabled. If you don't, Slopes will detect a new device upon first launch after a restore, and helpfully remind you to you to sign in if you had a Slopes account before.
    • Fixed a login loop when trying to restore purchases.
    • Fixed a crash on the recording screen that could happen after buying a pass mid-recording.
  3. v2018.22 - released 2018-11-29

    • Fixed a case where stats could sometimes show as "0" after pausing for lunch and then resuming.
    • Fixed the login screen automatically closing before you have a chance to log in when restoring purchases.
    • More hunting down of that pesky watch bug where recordings aren't showing up. I think it ended up being related to that "0" stat bug. Fingers crossed!
  4. v2018.21 - released 2018-11-21

    • Fixed a case where a corrupted import from the Watch would perpetually crash the iPhone app as it tried to import.
    • Fixed a crash when you were prompted to complete your profile and you tried to.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when re-opening Slopes mid-recording.
    • I think I fixed a really rare case where Watch saves were getting corrupted. This was like a 1 in 1,000 bug, so it's been a lot of detective work, thanks for your patience.
  5. v2018.20 - released 2018-11-16

    • Switched to donating Siri Shortcuts on initial launch, so you shouldn't have to record a day to get it them to appear in the shortcuts app.
    • Removed the sample day from the app to save some space, instead Slopes now loads its sample from the server as needed.
    • Fixed the little quotation mark next to your notes on the summary screen. Poor guy was getting squished.
    • Fixed required fields on first save not being red.
    • Fixed a case where the Slopes complication might not show up on your Watch.
    • Fixed an error with cleaning up assets used for 3D rendering which would sometimes cause it not to render.
  6. v2018.19 - released 2018-11-12

    • A new bundle of day passes replaces the trip pass! This is much more flexible allowing you to use each day pass from the bundle at any time. So you can still use the days back to back on a single trip, but now you can also spread them out over multiple trips or even seasons (they won't expire). A lot of you had written in asking for this flexibility, so here it is!
    • A new winter-themed map has been added for Slopes Premium users, and is now their default.
    • Don't be confused -- "Slopes Premium" is a subtle cleanup / rebrand of the old "Slopes Pass" terminology. Nothing has changed in terms of what you get for free, or what you get if you pay for it.
    • The user avatar now shows the Slopes Premium logo when you're either subscribed or have some passes still left on your account.
    • A ton of UI polish, including but not limited to the about screen, the account screen, and all of the Slopes Premium screens.
    • Moved the ability to enable / disable the free online backup to the settings screen.
    • Slopes will no longer nag you for HealthKit permissions when you're not actively using the Watch app, but have it installed.
    • Fixed display of your Premium status when launching Slopes for the first time on a new phone, when your login information was copied from your old phone.
    • Fixed 3D mountains failing to load in rare cases, and now falls back to trying to request terrain data with less detail as needed.
    • Fixed a case where a super large area skied could crash Slopes when going to render it in 3D. Mountains will now degrade in resolution instead of crashing.
    • Fixed a crash on the lifts & runs edit screen for freshly recorded activities.
    • Fixed a case where there could be duplicate runs after using the lift & run edit screen. Updating will clean up your old edits to fix duplicates, too.
  7. v2018.18 - released 2018-10-01

    • Improved reliability of Watch transfers.
  8. v2018.17 - released 2018-09-22

    • Fixed a crash on the new editor screen.
    • Fixed a crash on watchOS 4.
    • Fixed a case where the Digital Crown wouldn't cycle through stats as expected.
  9. v2018.16 - released 2018-09-15

    • Fix for a crash on launch if you had recorded at certain resorts.
  10. v2018.15 - released 2018-09-17

    • A powerful new run & lift editor. The old trim tool has been replaced with a brand new timeline editor:
      • Remove any lifts or runs Slopes detected inaccurately, like when you leave Slopes running when you hop on a shuttle back to the lodge.
      • Tweak the start / end of a detected lift or run.
      • Swap a run for a lift and visa versa. Great for when you rode a lift down but Slopes said it was a run.
      • Add any runs or lifts Slopes missed, useful for tinier resorts where there isn't enough vertical to auto-detect them.
    • Media playback control in the Watch app. Swipe right when recording to access playback controls.
    • New complications for the new watch faces.
    • Siri shortcut support on iOS 12. Use Apple's Shortcut app to start skiing and kick off your favorite music at the same time. (Might I recommend "It's go time!" as your custom phrase for that?)
    • Improved and larger layouts on the new series of Watches.
    • Improvements to tracking in AR after you've placed the mountain.

    Note: this version drops support for iOS 10. Slopes now requires iOS 11 and watchOS 4.

  11. v2018.14 - released 2018-07-22

    • Fixed a confusing case where Slopes would say you don't have an active pass, even though you did, and days were still being unlocked for you.
  12. v2018.13 - released 2018-07-13

    • For the privacy-focused: you can now disable sync which will let you keep your location data private and off of the Slopes servers. You can disable sync via the account screen. Note if you do disable sync you must use iTunes / iCloud backups to ensure your recordings transfer over to new phones.
    • Defaulted to a nicer voice for the start/pause/resume/end announcements.
    • Logging out when you have a lot of activities should be a *lot* faster now.
    • The mountains in AR mode won't be quite as dark.
    • Fixed the choppy animation that happened when bringing up the share card generator.
    • Fixed being able to pick Slopes to open .Slopes and .GPX files.
    • Fixed a crash for new users who are starting to record via their phone while also having the Watch app installed.
  13. v2018.12 - released 2018-05-29

    • Quick fix for a crash that got through as part of a larger cleanup of old code.
  14. v2018.11 - released 2018-05-29

    • Had a little fun and designed some alternate icons for Slopes. Pick the one that works best for your home screen under More -> Settings.
    • Your season totals will be displayed in the today widget when you aren't recording.
    • Added support for viewing burst photos.
    • Vastly improved support for people who ride in both hemispheres. Slopes will now automatically split out northern vs southern hemisphere recordings into separate seasons.
    • Fixed a case where 3D mountains were failing to render in some places in Europe.
    • Fixed a case where a slow internet connection would cause 3D mountains to not render.
    • Fixed a crasher on multi-day share cards using the resort heat map image.
  15. v2018.10 - released 2018-04-25

    AKA The GDPR Release

    • You can now delete all of your data from the Slopes servers if you wish. You can do so under More -> My Account -> Delete.
    • At the bottom of the More screen is a new option "Slopes and Your Data" where I explain in plain English how your data is stored, used, and shared. Spoilers: I charge for Slopes Passes so I don't have to do anything creepy with your data just to make a profit and stay in business.
    • Ever notice that blue line at the top of the activity list when you open the app? That sync progress bar won't show up anymore unless there is actually new data to sync (it was bugging the heck out of me!).
    • A few other bug fixes.
  16. v2018.9 - released 2018-04-19

    • Lots of awesome new 3D stuff for Slopes Pass holders:
      • The 2D map on the summary screen has been replaced with a 3D rendering of your day. Looks so much cooler, and more informative.
      • You can expand that 3D view of your day and go full-screen to play around with it.
      • You can also hit play in this new 3D view to see yourself move around the mountain.
      • iOS 11+ users: the new expanded 3D view also supports ARKit. You can place your virtual mountain on a surface in real life and get some awesome pics (protip: use the camera button at the bottom of the AR view to get some clean screenshots without UI in the way).
      • The new 3D views, and the existing ones, now use your account avatar when showing your position during replays.
    • Increased clarity of lift and run lines on the 3D share card for larger mountains.
    • Improved download speed of 3D map satellite textures, and improved caching so you can store more at a time for offline viewing.
    • Fix a case where 3D maps reported as unable to download, even though they downloaded OK.
  17. v2018.8 - released 2018-04-02

    • You can now backdate Trip and Day passes (well, this was always possible, but now you can do it without emailing me!) from within the App. Head to your account screen after you buy one to backdate it.
    • Slopes on iPhone will let you know when Watch is recording so you don't think things are broken (since to save battery Watch stats stay on Watch until you're done for the day).
    • Speed improvements on ending your day on Watch.
    • Added timezones to HealthKit data (thanks Stéphane).
    • Fixed text cutoff for multi-day share cards when you have over 1 million feet of vertical.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to select a resort via search when editing an activity (thanks Andy for the report to help me finally track this down!).
    • Fixed some of the other top crashers. While they might have been obscure but I hate crashers, and love tracking them down.
    • MapBox (my mapping provider) fixed a crasher where scrolling through the lifts vs runs screen really fast with photos displayed could randomly crash Slopes.
    • Working on fixing some HealthKit and Slopes Watch -> iPhone transfer issues. This update has some initial attempts at a fix. Sorry to the ~5 people per week it seems to effect, it is a super rare and weird issue that didn't come up during the 2 months of beta testing.
  18. v2018.7 - released 2018-03-14

    • Now that y'all are recording via Apple Watch and getting heart rate data, I figured it'd be really cool if you could see that in Slopes. Hit the new "vitals" tab to see just how hard each run was pushing you.
    • As part of making the heart rate graph, I moved the "speed vs altitude" graph into its own tab. No longer is it kinda hidden under replay mode.
    • You can now hit play in any of the 3 timeline modes.
    • The runs vs lifts screens is getting even more love: Slopes Pass holders can now see their photos clustered on the map of the day.
      • This will use the photo's GPS metadata by default to place it on the map.
      • If your photos are missing GPS metadata Slopes will use your recording to fill in the gaps as best as its can based on time/date.
      • I found out my GoPro had its clock set incorrectly when I was at Whistler thanks to this, oops.
      • This is off by default. Hit the map options button in the top right to enable it.
    • Added swipe gestures to dismiss the photo viewer.
    • UI tweaks to make some features more discoverable.
    • Slopes will now try to re-send completed days from your Watch later if they originally didn't make it.
    • Fixed a case where share card previews were blank / white.
    • Fixed a case where your day wouldn't transfer from your Watch to your phone after saving.
  19. v2018.6 - released 2018-03-08

    • Share cards now say "riding" when sharing multiple days in which you both skied and snowboarded.
    • Fixed a second crash-on-save for the new Watch app (thanks for the crash log Anders!)
    • I think I finally tracked down the source of the rare merge crash and fixed it. Fingers crossed. (yay race conditions)
    • Fixed a crash on iOS when importing a day from your Watch if you're running iOS 10.
    • Fixed a case where trims would save and then get reset.
  20. v2018.5 - released 2018-03-04

    • Multi-day share cards. As the season wraps up for some of you, share your favorite trip or those big stats for the entire season.
      • A new heatmap map of your visits to resorts world-wide is available as a background for most cards.
      • A new "totals" card type is available when sharing multiple days at once that highlight a new set of stats.
    • Love Slopes? There's a new merch store with stickers, tees, and hoodies. Check it out under the More tab. (Fun fact: only 2% of Slopes users have recorded enough vertical to unlock the black t-shirt. Have you?)
    • Added a water lock option to the Watch app.
    • Moved the delete recording option onto the edit screen, making it harder to accidentally delete a day.
    • Slopes will now prompt you to re-login if you password becomes invalid (for example if you changed it on another device).
    • European users: sorry, Slopes will now say "km/h" instead of "kph". Silly American developer, amiright?
    • Fixed a sync bug that made it look like activities weren't syncing when they did.
    • Fixed initial display of location reminder map when creating a new one.
    • Fixed 0 calories issue for recordings from iPhone.
    • Fixed a crash on saving on Watch that occured when Slopes was originally denied rights to save HealthKit data.
  21. v2018.4 - released 2018-02-28


    Oh boy, this is a major update: a brand new Watch app! It has been rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of all the improvements we've seen to Watch in the last two years. This update addresses many of the top requests of Watch users (fun fact: 25% of skiers and riders start recording with Slopes via Watch, so this update will make 25% of you all *very* happy).

    • Starting your recording via the Watch means Slopes is now a full workout app:
      • You'll get live ring credit throughout the day, no more waiting until you save.
      • Slopes will be the default app to show when you raise your wrist throughout the day, similar to the native Workout app.
      • The heart rate sensor is now automatically enabled during recording.
      • Calorie estimates are now based on Apple's workout algorithms, which account for heart rate (so you get more credit for those moguls of doom, and less credit than before if you are just cruising the groomers).
    • Brand new UI which makes it easier to check out your stats during the day (use the Digital Crown to pick the stat you want to focus on).
    • Lots of speed improvements in using the Watch app.
    • While you technically can leave your phone behind now, you'll see much better battery life and improved accuracy if you keep your phone in your pocket still (Watch uses your phone's GPS if it is nearby). I highly recommend this.
    • On the Series 3 Slopes can optionally take advantage of the new watchOS 4.2 features to auto-pause on lifts. This can double the already amazing battery life of the Watch app, but does mean you don't get lift information as the GPS is paused on lifts. Turn it on if you expect to be out for more than 12hrs in a day.
    • If you want to record via your phone (how Slopes + Watch used to work), start your day via the phone. The Watch app will still give you easy access to the stats being gathered on your phone.
    • Slopes now saves off Winter Sports Distance to HealthKit on iOS 11.2+ and watchOS 4.2+.
    • Fixed a crash when creating a location-based reminder.
    • Fixed maps to prevent showing locations that had been previously trimmed out.
    • Fixed the photo viewer to jump to the right photo when completing a 3D Touch from the previews.
    • Fixed a memory leak on the share screen.
  22. v2018.3 - released 2018-02-07

    • Recording Reminders. You can now create location-based or time-based alerts to ping you to check Slopes:
      • Location-based reminders can be created around an entire resort, or you can customize them much smaller (to go off just when you get to the parking lot, for example).
      • Location-based reminders can be triggered when you get near a location or when you leave a specific location.
      • Reminders are kept simple: you'll get an alert when the condition is met, regardless of if you forgot to record or not.
    • You can now set it so screenshots are no longer shown along side your other photos.
  23. v2018.2 - released 2018-01-13

    Woah, Slopes was App of the Day over the weekend. Hey there new skiers and riders! This is another quick round of small fixes while bigger things are being worked on.

    • Tweaked GPS accuracy settings to make Slopes more forgiving of weaker GPS signals on the iPhone X.
    • Prompt for HealthKit access when you launch the Watch app for the first time. This will make sure first-day saves via Watch add the workout data properly (instead of relying for access prompts just on the phone).
    • Fixed a case where it looked like you couldn't attach a photo to a day.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to save a share card to your photo library before having granted Slopes photo access.
    • Other various crash and bug fixes.
  24. v2018.1 - released 2018-01-03

    A few small bug fixes to start the year off right while I work on something pretty big.

    • Fixed a case where the summary screen wouldn't finish animating in on older devices, leading to stats looking wrong.
    • Prevent an case where a day might disappear after saving, even though it was still there on the server (if this happened to you log out and back in).
    • Fixed some miscellaneous crashes for people still running iOS 10.
  25. v2017.11 - released 2017-12-22

    Hope you have a rocking holiday weekend out there!

    • Fixed a case where receipt validation was reporting an error when there was none.
  26. v2017.10 - released 2017-12-18

    • You can now set a profile photo for your Slopes account.
    • Cleaned up and centralized account and Slopes Pass management screens. Tap your profile image anywhere you see it to access your account information.
    • Support for saving alpine skiing metadata (vertical, speeds) to HealthKit on iOS 11.2 and newer.
    • You can now view .Slopes files without having to fully import them into your activity list.
    • Subtle UI tweaks.
    • Fixed a case where Slopes wasn't asking for photo library permission, leading to photos not attaching to days.
    • A few other minor bugfixes.
  27. v2017.9 - released 2017-11-30

    • Updated the 3D share card to use the new 3D virtual mountains. These cards are available to everyone, not just Pass holders!
    • New share card generation screen with a ton more customizability!
    • Adaptive playback speed: Slopes will adjust how fast it plays back runs based on the size of the resort you were at.
    • Fixed a case where Live Photos wouldn't show.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to edit your weight on the settings screen.
    • A half-dozen other obscure / rare crash fixes.
  28. v2017.8 - released 2017-11-21

    What's a major release without a few bugs? (😭)

    • Fixed a crash if you exited the app while on the settings screen and then brought it back.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when downloading previously saved activities.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during recording.
    • Fixed file exports.
  29. v2017.7 - released 2017-11-20


    Slopes is starting the season with a bang! This is a big update, containing 4 awesome new features.

    • 3D Flyover: The 3D view just got a complete rewrite and upgrade! Pass holders can replay their runs on awesome new virtual 3D mountains. This 3D mode now includes the ability to zoom / pan around the mountain to scope out your run, and uses the great timeline scrubber from the 2D mode to move through your day.
    • Free online backup: Slopes will now automatically back up your data to my servers too keep it safe. Just sign up for a free Slopes account to get started.
    • Photo library integration: Instead of having to manually import a day's worth of photos into Slopes to see them, Slopes can now automatically show photos from your photo library. You can still import and attach a single photo as the highlight photo. If you're worried about privacy, don't worry; photos that are displayed from your library automatically do not get copied into Slopes (or onto its servers as part of backup). Also, if you had previously imported more than one photo for a day, Slopes will copy it back to your photo library if needed when you run this update.
    • Enhanced replay controls: Replaying now uses the timeline scrubber, so you can more easily move around to specific times during replay. With this new interface replaying a run now works in 2D mode, too! Lastly, replays now include a graph of your speed and vertical as you play back your run. Hit the play button to give it a spin!

    Plus a ton of other smaller but important features and improvements:

    • iPhone X support.
    • The daily summary screen got a facelift.
    • The photo browser got support for zooming in on photos, and support for Live Photos and videos.
    • Updated the Lifts & Runs view to always show your current location as you scroll through your day, even if Slopes had categorized that time as “other” (vs a lift or run).
    • You can now change your Slopes account email in-app.
    • Added two new GPX export options.
    • Fixed jumping to exactly where you tap on the timeline map view.
    • Enhanced heat map color logic to better highlight variations in speed.
    • Plus the normal "bug fixes and improvements" everyone loves to see.
  30. v2.6 - released 2017-03-28


    The season might be winding down, but I'm squeezing one last awesome update in while I can.

    • Support for Siri on Apple Watch. Start / pause / resume / and end your workouts, hands-free!
    • Passholders: when a resort supports lift naming (over 200 world-wide and counting!), the terrain map now shows all lifts at a resort not just the ones you took. This really helps orient your day on the mountain like tree-lines do on the satellite map.
    • Tweaked the Watch resort select screen to bring focus to resorts you frequent.
    • In adding Siri support on Apple Watch, overall syncing with the phone has been improved.
    • International users: Slopes will now use "5min" instead of "5m" so times without an hour or second component don't look like meter measurements.
    • Tapping on the Today Widget now launches Slopes.
    • Fixed cases where lifts that ran close to each other would cause incorrect matches.
    • Fixed merging to make sure it stops earlier if it looks like could be an error leading to data loss.
    • Made save logic more resilient to protect against data corruption / loss.
    • Fixed a case where after a merge you'd be taken back to the activity list instead of the activity itself.
  31. v2.5.4 - released 2017-02-23

    • Performance improvements for importing GPX files created when using a Trace puck.
    • Fix for some Trace imports getting hung up on timezone lookup.
  32. v2.5.3 - released 2017-02-20

    • Vastly improved accuracy of stats for new GPX imports from Trace / Alpine Replay.
    • GPX imports that don’t include an original timezone will now attempt to calculate the one before importing, fixing the time being off for lifts and runs.
    • Slopes was pestering a few people to buy a pass before recording, even when they already had one ready to go. It won’t do that anymore. Sorry for the confusion.
    • Fixed a really rare case where new passes would prematurely activate if you had also purchased any pass in the 2015/2016 season.
    • It was a server-side fix, but just to call it out: fixed an issue where a day or trip pass wouldn’t be available for activation after purchase.
    • Apple Watch + HealthKit users: if your phone was locked when you start recording Slopes would be denied your weight from Apple Health, leading to a missing calorie estimate. This update fixes the old activities, and works around the limitation for future ones.
  33. v2.5.2 - released 2017-02-07

    • You can now enable calorie estimates mid-recording.
    • Ensure Day and Trip passes get activated when starting a session from an Apple Watch.
    • Fixed a crash on iOS9 when trying to view a run in 3D.
    • Fix a case where calorie estimates wouldn't calculate.
  34. v2.5.1 - released 2017-01-25

    • Quick fix for a crash-on-launch if you had skied at certain European resorts.
  35. v2.5 - released 2017-01-23

    • Activity search:
      • Those of you with hundreds of days recorded know how hard it can be to go through your history to find that awesome trip to Breckenridge from ... when was it? 2013? 2014? You can now search by resort name to find any activity.
      • Search works for activities in the backcountry, too. You can also search by city, state / province, or country to find any activity.
      • A little bonus with search: those season total rows will filter distance / vertical / day count when your search. Easy to answer “how much vertical did I get on my Killington trip last year?” now.
    • Sync your weight into Apple's Health App? Slopes can now pull from there automatically. You can enable this from the settings screen.
    • Slopes will now automatically offer to save workouts to Apple Health, even without calorie estimates.
    • Changed the colors for lifts and runs on the map view. Lifts and runs now look visually distinct (vs both red) in satellite mode, and the colors now are the same for both satellite and terrain views. Picking colors is hard, yo.
    • Sped up resuming recording after Slopes had been paused for a long time.
    • Improved resilience for staying alive in the background while you're tracking (in rare cases another app using GPS could pause Slopes).
    • Now that Instagram supports direct sharing from other Apps, and most people have updated to that new version, I’ve removed the custom Share to Instagram hack that used to be needed. No more two-step process to share.
    • Changed the lifetime vertical readout to switch to millions after you hit 1 million feet. “1mil” sounds a lot better than “1,000k” eh?
    • Improved compatibility of KML/KMZ exports.
    • Improved import of GPX files from Garmin Connect.
    • Improved GPX export compatibility.
    • Fixed some cases were the UI would stop responding after asking Slopes to merge two activities.
    • Fixed a case where requests to the Slopes server could fail, but not clear out. Usually this looked like resort search not working until you quit Slopes and tried again.
    • Fixed a crash on the activity trim screen. Well, two, actually.
    • And, as always, lots of other littler bug fixes and UI tweaks not worth calling out.
  36. v2.4.3 - released 2016-12-01

    • Fixed a case where Slopes could crash when you start recording.
    • Fixed a case where duplicate data could appear in HealthKit after trimming or reprocessing activities.
    • Fixed a case where Slopes could crash after leaving the summary screen.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing activities from other sources.
  37. v2.4.2 - released 2016-09-20

    • Fixed "Share Slopes" showing up twice in 3d touch shortcuts.
    • Fixed issue with lift names sometimes not showing up.
    • Fixed season "# days" count to not count multiple recordings in a day as multiple days.
  38. v2.4.1 - released 2016-09-14

    • New and improved help & support section.
    • Fix for a crash on iOS 9 when trying to open a web page or another app externally.
  39. v2.4 - released 2016-09-13

    • Huge updates for the Watch app:
      • Thanks to watchOS 3 + Slopes v2.4 you’ll spend less time waiting for data to sync from the iPhone. Actions like pausing on the phone are now reflected near instantly. Update your Watches to watchOS 3 so Slopes can take advantage of the improvements.
      • Slopes has a complication. On watchOS 3 you can add Slopes to your watch faces to see your recording status and the total vertical you’ve grabbed for the day.
      • You can now end your day from the Watch, too (which means activity ring credit is finally possible, and next on my list of features to add for the Watch).
    • Tons of new features, including support for the latest and greatest in iOS 10:
      • Sticker pack! Had a lot of fun making these with a friend. Let me know how you like 'em and what others you'd like to see.
      • The Today Widget has been updated for iOS 10, supporting compact and extended views.
      • The Today Widget has also received a facelift and better matches the look and feel of Slopes 2 and the Watch app.
      • Added support for 3D Touch actions from the homescreen to start / pause / resume / end recording.
      • Added support for Siri, allowing you to trigger start / pause / resume / and end recording commands via Siri commands.
      • Added support for Taptic feedback on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
    • Switched season metrics to show days on the slopes instead of hours. Should me much more useful for those of you lucky enough to consider yourself ski bums.
    • Fixed an issue with Apple Maps where the map of your day would display slightly offset from the center.
    • Fixed an issue where Slopes Passes redeemed through iTunes, instead of in-app, might not show up on your account immediately.
  40. v2.3 - released 2016-07-02

    • Sometimes you can only make it out for a trip or two a year, so grabbing a Season Pass doesn’t make sense. By popular request Slopes now has shorter options. The new "Trip Pass" allows for unlimited recordings within a week, and there's also a new "Single-use Ticket" option good for one recording
    • Unlike the Season Pass, single use tickets and week passes aren’t activated until you hit record, so you can buy one while you’re at home on great WiFi.
    • Improved backcountry climb detection. Slopes is now much more forgiving of those slow climbs and won’t filter parts of them out as “rest” time.
    • Better support for Family Sharing and approval of purchases triggered by children.
  41. v2.2.3 - released 2016-04-18

    • Fix for a possible crash during save.
  42. v2.2.2 - released 2016-04-08

    • Improvements to the lift / run detector for beginners who take things a bit slower
    • Fix for GPX compatibility and Garmin Connect
    • Fix for a crash on the settings screen
    • Other small bugfixes and improvements
  43. v2.2.1 - released 2016-03-15

    • Stickers! You can now grab stickers for your gear through Stickermule using the link on the about screen.
    • Improvements to the lift / run detector.
    • Other miscellaneous bug and crash fixes.
  44. v2.2 - released 2016-03-02

    • Season Pass holders can now view their days on satellite maps (and they look awesome!).
    • Activity trimming. Now you can edit the start and end times of your days (including previously saved ones).
    • Activity merging. Slopes will now offer to merge recordings from the same resort at the end of the day.
    • Enhanced export options. Exporting your day as a GPX, Slopes, or KMZ file will now also allow you to open them directly in other apps such as Dropbox.
    • Dramatically simplified calorie tracking and the Apple Health integration. Now calorie tracking is an app-wide setting and Slopes will try to save calorie and workout data by default. Your weight is now editable under settings.
    • Sped up the saving process for imports, new recordings, and existing activities.
    • Improvements to the photo picker, including being able to manually add more than one photo at a time now.
    • Improvements to Apple Watch app, including better syncing of the units (miles vs km) preference.
    • Improvements to the lift and run detector. Some of your old activities may update themselves as a result.
    • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
  45. v2.1.3 - released 2016-02-03

    • Quick fix for a crash that could occur after dismissing the save screen.
    • Fixed a case where the live stat for total vertical could be momentarily inaccurate.
  46. v2.1.2 - released 2016-01-29

    • Poor GPS happens and while Slopes itself can't do much to fix it, I don't like a surprise "0 runs" at the end of the day any more than you do. To that end I added some earlier warning screens to let you know when Slopes isn't getting good data.
    • Discounted the one-year Season Pass when you're buying it after trying the Season Pass for for a month.
    • Make sure the permissions for accessing locations hasn't changed since the last time Slopes recorded. Sometimes this would lead to people being able to start recording even though Slopes was being denied locations by iOS. Usually caused by OS upgrades.
    • Fixed a race condition that could cause HealthKit data to not be saved.
    • Fixed a crash if you tried to auto-add photos to your day but Slopes didn't have permission to your photo library.
    • Guard against a crash that sometimes happened when 3d-touching an activity in your activity list.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when submitting a resort for lift support.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when starting a new recording.
    • Hopeful (error logs were a bit cryptic) fix for a crash when trying to view the resort selection screen.
  47. v2.1.1 - released 2016-01-17

    • Sometimes "last run" would show up with 0 for speed / vertical / distance. That was a lie, and has now been fixed.
    • Fixed a crash that happens when upgrading Slopes from the App Store while you were in the middle of recording.
  48. v2.1 - released 2016-01-11

    • Three new sharing styles. How much vertical did you grab today; was it enough to top the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps Yosemite Falls? Use the new share sheets to find out and brag to your friends.
    • Sharing directly to Instagram is now supported, too.
    • New feature for Season Pass holders: automatic lift naming! Lifts will automatically be labeled by name and type at supported resorts. It’s going to take a while to build a full database of lift names worldwide, so if your favorite resort isn’t supported you can use the option on the edit/save screen to help kickstart naming at that resort.
    • Changed how things work when a Season Pass expires: you’ll keep access to premium features for activities you recorded using Slopes while you had a pass. This should make the one month pass much more useful for those that only go out for a week or two a year.
    • The Watch companion app now launches over twice as fast as it used to.
    • You can now tap a run or lift in the map view to jump directly to it in the timeline.
    • Added 3d touch support for previewing photos on the save screen.
    • Slopes will no longer log you out if you’re offline.
    • Better (but not yet perfect) offline support for terrain maps.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to add photos from iCloud Photo Library.
    • Fixed a case where users were promoted for HealthKit permissions when Slopes didn’t actually need them.
    • Fixed crash when trying to use Safari Shared Credentials to automatically fill in your login.
    • Fixed an issue where restoring from an iCloud backup would take a few seconds to restore your activities (now instant)
    • Fixed some other rare and seemingly random crashes.
  49. v2.0.3 - released 2015-12-08

    • v1 unlocks are fixed, I ripped out the third party receipt code I was using and now do the validation myself. Tap the unlock button (one last time) if you purchased v1 to get access to the features you expect. Thanks for your patience, I know this was frustrating.
  50. v2.0.2 - released 2015-12-01

    • Improved the reliability of being able to start Slopes from your Watch, even when Slopes wasn't running.
    • Fixed an issue for metric users where the Watch was showing imperial units.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented location updates while Slopes was in the background.
    • A few more crashing bugs were fixed.
  51. v2.0.1 - released 2015-11-19

    • If you were a v1 user who didn't see features unlocked in v2, this update has a restore receipt button you can tap to have iOS reload your purchase info. Just head to the about screen and press the restore button at the bottom!
    • Added a fix for Slopes crashing when trying to re-import bad activities. This looked like a crash on startup (or shortly thereafter) to people affected by the bug.
  52. v2.0 - released 2015-11-10

    Bigger maps, new recording screen, and more!
    • Brand new runs & lifts view.
      • The map is now ~40% bigger.
      • Visually see you how long a lift / run was with the new timeline scrubber at the bottom.
      • Scrolling through your timeline updates the map with an icon showing exactly where you were.
      • The maps are now interactive, too. You can now pinch / zoom / pan around the map.
    • New start recording screen with your lifetime stats. How much vertical can you grab?
    • The recording screen has also been redesigned: see lift vs run time estimates live, and enjoy a more legible interface despite the sun's glare.
    • Calorie burn estimates are now also available while recording.
    • Peak and Pop gestures for devices with 3d touch.
    • Huge improvements to the GPS processor giving you more accurate stats, especially in poor-GPS situations (old activities will be re-analyzed, too). Thanks to everyone who sent in their inaccurate runs!
    • The Watch app as been updated to take advantage of watchOS 2.
    • Fixed what looked like a loss of data when you restored from an iCloud backup.
    • Fixed a flickering issue when opening a photo full-screen.
    • Fixed a bunch of other bugs and crashes that no one complained about, but I knew needed to be crushed.
  53. v1.5.2 - released 2015-09-10

    • Font tweaks to get Slopes ready for the next OS.
    • Fixed a bug with the image made to share on Facebook and Twitter where the activity map wasn't shown.
  54. v1.5.1 - released 2015-07-24

    • Fixed a bug with the Apple Watch app that caused it to crash on startup for people using the metric system.
  55. v1.5.0 - released 2015-04-10

    Apple Watch support comes to Slopes in v1.5.0
    • Apple Watch support!
      • The glance lets you see time spent on lifts vs shredding downhill, live.
      • The app lets you see your top speed, vertical, and distance for the day.
      • There's a mini run-by-run comparison graph for each of those stats, too.
      • Use your Apple Watch as a remote control for Slopes. Pause/resume and even start recording without having to take out your phone.
    • Added iTunes file sharing so you can import multiple files at once.
    • Added total vertical and distance labels for runs in the 3d view.
    • Improved detection of breaks when you forget to pause.
    • Huge speed improvement when re-launching the app after a long pause.
  56. v1.4.4 - released 2015-02-26

    • Tracked down an annoying and rare bug that caused some GPS data to disappear into a black hole after a long pause.
  57. v1.4.3 - released 2015-02-02

    • Fixed a data synchronization bug Pebble users were seeing.
    • The setting for fitness tracking will now automatically be remembered for future activities.
    • Fixed issue where GPX exports wouldn't load into Garmin Connect.
    • Some smaller bug fixes and a little extra battery savings.
  58. v1.4.2 - released 2015-01-15

    • Fixed cases where activity maps would crop off the edges of runs.
    • Despite what you may have seen you did not time travel ‐ fixed the year shown for activities between Dec 28 and 31, 2014.
    • A few other small bugfixes.
  59. v1.4.1 - released 2014-12-30

    • Added support for the Slopes companion app for Pebble smart watches. See live stats without even taking out your phone.
    • Fixed a bug for first-time users where one could try to save an activity without first picking skiing vs snowboarding, which would cause it to not show up in the activity history.
    • Fixed issue where a photo, once added, couldn't be removed during the initial save.
  60. v1.4.0 - released 2014-12-18

    Today widget and health integration for Slopes v1.4.0
    • Slopes now has a today widget so you can see your key stats on your lock screen. No more fumbling to unlock your phone on the lift to see your stats, just swipe down.
    • Get estimates on how many calories you burned while riding. Enable fitness tracking when you save to have Slopes calculate calories burned, and add your workout to Apple's Health app.
    • Redesigned the activities screen to be a lot clearer. The seasonal graph may make a comeback, but it was too awkward crammed there up top.
    • 3d run graphs are now full-screen only, and the maps for runs got a little bigger and easier to read.
    • You can now share the pictures you took during the day. Tap the picture then hit the share icon in the top right.
    • Support for the iPhone 6 and 6+.
    • Squashed plenty of bugs; it was a slaughter.
  61. v1.3.4 - released 2014-03-27

    • One of the tip dialogs was trying to be a bit *too* helpful, reminding users of the same thing multiple times. He's a bit quieter now.
    • Fixed a bug related to Slopes recovering from logs when iOS kills the app if you weren't using it (long breaks).
  62. v1.3.3 - released 2014-03-07

    • Sometimes iOS would kill Slopes to save memory if you left it paused for a while. When relaunching and seeing the start screen again some people got confused thinking their data was lost, even though the "start" button changed to "resume". Removed the potential for confusion and Slopes now just takes users right into the currenty-recording screen as they'd expect.
    • Squashed a few other pesky bugs and crashes.
  63. v1.3.2 - released 2014-02-21

    • Massive speed improvements to resuming recording if Slopes is terminated mid-recording.
    • If you leave Slopes paused and forget to save your day you'll now get a notification reminding you to end your activity.
    • One or two international users had their activities get stuck while re-processing in v1.3.0. They'll now be un-stuck.
    • Fixed case where users couldn't share their activities on Twitter.
    • Added the ability to save the activity summary images to your camera roll, useful for posting to Instagram and other services.
    • A few miscellaneous UX improvements and tweaks.
  64. v1.3.1 - released 2014-02-27

    • Fixed crash that occurred when trying to report a missing resort, but no email account is configured on the phone.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when trying to import bad data.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when viewing an activity in map mode.
  65. v1.3.0 - released 2014-02-06

    Twitter and Facebook share sheet for Slopes v1.3.0
    • I don't know about you, but I love showing off my days riding online. Slopes can now create an image to share on Twitter or Facebook that summarizes your stats and has a cool 3d map of your runs. (check out others' with #trackingmyedge)
    • I've always been annoyed at ski apps that have north as "up" when showing a map of my runs. Uphill is up to us, not north! Slopes now does lots of (incredibly annoying) math to orient activity maps so that uphill is at the top of the screen.
    • Automatic timezone support for those going across the country to find the best powder.
    • The GPS processing for run and stat calculation has gotten a lot smarter (especially with poor GPS situations). All your previously recorded activities are going to be updated with this improved logic. Some of your records may go up, some down, but they'll all be a lot more accurate overall.
    • People in the southern hemisphere are still stuck in summer, but Slopes is ready for their eventual winter. If you're from the southern hemisphere your season totals are now based around *your* winter, not winter up north.
    • Google Earth exports now support full playback of you runs with speed breakdowns, not just a pretty line and start/end times. (note: Google Earth calculates speed/etc on its own, Slopes can't control that)
    • Tons of other small fixes / enhancements.
  66. v1.2.2 - released 2014-01-22

    • Prevent Slopes from trying to display nearby resorts on the map even after you closed the app. This will prevent the mysterious "the app crashed last time" messages, even though you never saw it crash.
  67. v1.2.1 - released 2014-01-16

    • You know what's awesome? Displaying metric speeds correctly in KPH instead of meters per second. Slopes is pretty awesome in that regard now.
  68. v1.2.0 - released 2014-01-09

    Summary screen with top speed, distance, and total vertical for each day on the mountain.
    • A whole new summary screen for each activity you record. See a breakdown of your time on lifts vs runs vs slacking off, notes you make about the day, and highlights like the fastest run or the run with the most vertical.
    • The new summary screen also supports viewing photos for each activity you record. When saving an activity you can manually pick photos to attach, or you can use the spiffy auto-add feature to automatically pull in all the photos you took while recording.
    • Was a recorded activity particularly awesome? Go ahead and mark it as a favorite.
    • You can now edit previously saved activities. Great for when you had no cell reception and you had to start an activity as "in the backcountry" - tag the resort later when you get home.
    • Lots of speed and usability improvements to the start recording screen:
      • If you've been to a resort before you can start recording there instantly instead of having to wait for Slopes to look up nearby resorts.
      • Riding somewhere with bad reception? You can now start recording as in the back country right away and tag the resort when you get back to civilization.
      • Upgraded to a new server for all the resort information, lookups are even faster now.
    • All the usual smaller speed/bug/UI improvements that come with a major release, such as:
      • Improvements to the activity recorder to filter out bad GPS data better.
      • Improvements to real-time stat preview accuracy.
      • Slightly smarter recording logic to save some battery.
  69. v1.1.2 - released 2013-12-24

    • Vastly improved app resume time when checking in on your activity after a long day of riding.
  70. v1.1.1 - released 2013-12-17

    • Tweaked GPX import to be a little more forgiving of the format.
    • Tracked down a crash on the activities screen if someone got tap-happy.
  71. v1.1.0 - released 2013-12-11

    Full-screen 3d views of your runs, including speed heatmaps.
    • New full-screen mode for the 3D views of your awesome runs; just rotate your phone to check them out.
    • Full-screen runs aren't just bigger, though. You can hit play to see your speed and altitude as you (virtually) carve down the mountain.
    • If you hit the slopes with an iPhone 5s (or one of the new iPads, if you have really big pockets, I guess) Slopes will now use the M7 to detect what you're doing too. Especially your wipeouts.
    • iPhone 4 users will see a speed boost and clearer heat maps on the run graphs.
    • It sucks waiting for fresh powder with nothing to do in-app, so Slopes now has a sample activity you can play with while you wait.
    • European resort support. Slopes now labels activities at resorts across the pond.
    • Plus tons of other little bug fixes and improvements.